A strong and long-term owner

In an era when opportunities for expansion have never been greater, it feels good to have a strong and long-term owner, Investment AB Latour. It gives us vast potential to grow in new markets.

The best conditions

With a strong owner, our opportunities for growth in existing markets increase, but also in new, until now unexplored markets. With Latour’s clear focus on long-term ownership, we create the best possible conditions for taking Kabona into the future. The company is currently managed as an independent unit with continuity in the management team and a focus on long-term expansive development.

A natural acquisition

Latour’s acquisition of Kabona was completely natural according to Latour Industries. “Keeping in mind the large energy savings which can be attained, both in the existing property holdings and for new construction, it was a completely natural choice to acquire Kabona, the company in Sweden which is leading the development,” says Björn Lenander, CEO of Latour Industries.

“Having an owner with a long-term agenda and the power to invest in expansion feels secure.”