The journey has begun.

Our business concept is based on a completely new approach towards heating, cooling and ventilation, we refer to it as ‘brilliant energy building automation.’

A concept develops

It all started in 2001 when a few industry colleagues decided to start Kabona. With their long-standing experience and skills within heating, cooling and ventilation, they had a concept which they wanted to test and develop. Now that concept has developed to something much bigger, what we refer to as ‘brilliant energy building automation.’ A technique which combines an optimal indoor climate with significantly reduced energy costs and less environmental impact.

Short decision-making paths

Despite the fact that the company has grown significantly over the years, the decision-making paths have remained short. This has entailed flexibility which has strongly contributed to the company’s development. Concepts and product improvements, both from employees and customers, have quickly reached the right people. Therefore, our product development can best be described as an open and continuously ongoing process with many involved.

“If we can offer a business concept which reduces energy costs and simultaneously contributes to fulfilment of the new environmental directives, then the future is bright.”

International opportunities

We have been in an expansive phase since the start. Until now the Swedish market has been our focus, this will also be the case in the future. At the same time we see large opportunities internationally. We know that there is demand for our cutting-edge technology in an era when factors such as finances and the environment are closely intertwined. If we can offer a business concept which reduces costs and simultaneously fulfils the new environmental directives, then the future is bright.

Summary of the initial years

2001: Kabona was founded. WDC 1.0 introduced.
2005: Mybis introduced.
2008: Ecopilot introduced.
2009: Energy and climate agreement introduced.
2011: The concept “brilliant energy building automation” launched. Ecopilot Analysis introduced.
2012: Kabona is acquired by Investment AB Latour Industries.
2015: Ecopilot Price, Power alert and Energy alert introduced.

2018: Latour divests Kabona to Nordomatic AB

In March 2018, it was announced that Nordomatic agrees with Latour Industries to acquire all shares in Kabona AB.