Keep the systems updated

In order to derive maximum effect over time of our brilliant energy building automation, the systems need to be updated occasionally. We offer a number of services in order to make it easy and simple.

Benefits of software updates

We continuously develop our software and offer regular updates, so that you always have the latest versions. Updates provide you access to the latest and smartest functions which create brilliant energy and safe solutions. The service can be purchased in two different ways:
· On an ongoing basis through suborders of the latest software version for your particular product. 
· By signing an agreement on software updates of your installed brilliant energy Kabona product.

“Access our skills, we offer a number of services which facilitate everyday life for you and your company.”

Service for Software updates

In order to facilitate their everyday life, many customers choose to sign an agreement on software updates with us. Then we are responsible for ensuring that as our customer you always have access to the latest developed software version in your facility. We will install the software directly in your facility and you will be notified when the installation has taken place. You will also be informed of the new and improved functions we have added to your facility. We are responsible for performing the work remotely and our customers can dedicate their time to other tasks.

Safety updates

· When you subscribe for a service for software updates with us, we will also update your IT security on an ongoing basis.
· Our development department continuously develops new safety packages which are customised to the possible threats which arise on the Internet.
· If you have our software update service, then we will be responsible for ensuring that your facility has a good security standard and that all security updates are implemented continuously in your facility.