The core of our solutions.

A small, modest box which is the base of future work for equipping your property with brilliant energy.

Simplifies the building’s installations

The core of our control system is referred to as ‘WDC’ (WebDatorCentral), a web-based unit for monitoring and operation of systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. It makes it possible for us to simplify installations in buildings and make control and surveillance systems more accessible. Our WDC can also exchange information with other Internet-based systems.

Always accessible

All you need to access the information is a web browser, regardless of whether you are in the property or connected via the Internet. It replaces the traditional DHC systems in buildings and can utilise the building’s existing infrastructure, for example, networks. Furthermore, it can control and monitor systems from suppliers which communicate with Modbus or Meterbus. You can receive alerts through e-mail and text message at present, in the future you will also be able to receive them through our newly-developed alerts app.

“WDC is a web-based unit which gives you an overview of your property systems.”

Linux-based software

The WDC software is Linux-based, which has several benefits. We get a licence-free software, a stable system and there is no need for us to adapt to different Microsoft versions and updates. WDC has no moving parts such as hard disks or fans, thus providing an excellent lifetime compared to regular computers.