The hub which coordinates and provides an overview.

Explore all benefits of Mybis®. A web-based hub which, regardless of supplier, provides maximum benefit from investments made in the past.

Creates accessibility

The benefit of Mybis® is that it coordinates and provides an overview of your properties. Mybis® creates a shared login page and comprehensive alert management for all of Kabona’s connected properties. This also facilitates operation and accessibility. Our basic idea is that, irrespective of supplier, you should maximise benefit from investments which have already been made. Furthermore, Mybis® is completely licence-free.

Replaces old system solutions

See Mybis® as a technical platform which replaces traditional older system solutions such as Scada and DHC. With Mybis®, we bring together all installations and can connect them to alert servers, energy monitoring systems and other web-based property systems. Together with alert and report systems, Mybis® allows you to avoid installing and maintaining a DHC system. All to give the property owner freedom in the future.

“Mybis® coordinates and provides an overview of your properties. It also facilitates operation and accessibility.”

Systems adapted for the future

Besides control and surveillance systems, other systems such as fire alarms, electrical systems, access control and security systems as well as lifts can be connected to Mybis®. The only requirement is that there is a web interface for the delivered system. This safeguards the opportunity to purchase future installations in competition. The system allows you to keep abreast of future developments within building automation.

Benefits which make a difference

· All properties in one place.

· Shared login and alert list for all buildings.

· Improved overview.

· Easier operation and improved link system.

· Completely licence-free and with unlimited number of users.

· Link to energy monitoring system.

· Connect Mybis® to your website.

· Fast system and more appealing design.